About Us


Sutcliffe Hansen was started in 2021 by Marshall Sutcliffe and Alex Hansen, two friends and watch enthusiasts.


Marshall is the guy behind Wristwatch Revival on YouTube. After being asked about what tools to start the watchmaking journey with, he realized that there weren't any proper tool kits out there for beginning watchmakers. He has personally curated all of the kits you see on this site. The kits are designed to be the best combination of quality, function, and price.


Alex is a software developer with a passion for watches and watchmaking. Wanting a break from the programmer lifestyle to follow his passion, he teamed up with Marshall to start Sutcliffe Hansen. Alex loves all things watches, but is especially interested in independent watchmaking and has a real passion for interesting and unique watch movements.


Both Alex and Marshall want to share this great hobby with the world, provide great watches and accessories for you, and bring you an awesome, and personal, customer experience.