Is this website affiliated with Wristwatch Revival?

Yes, one of the two partners in this business, Marshall Sutcliffe, is the man behind Wristwatch Revival. He is also active in the Magic the Gathering community as a commentator, podcast host, and more.

Are auctioned watches authenticated?

We will rarely offer authenticity certificates. We do not claim to be credible authenticators, and the variety of brands for sale makes authenticating each watch incredibly difficult. Auctioned watches all have associated restoration videos, though. You are free to inspect the watch via the restoration video and assess authenticity yourself.

Does Marshall use the tools you have for sale on his Wristwatch Revival channel?

Marshall recommends every tool listed on this site. He uses most of them, although not exclusively. Each tool listed for sale on this site was ordered and tested by Marshall. 

Your prices sometimes change, why is that?

We order most of our goods from Switzerland. Our costs are tied directly to the exchange rate of the CHF, import duties, and price adjustments. We will adjust the prices of our products to account for this.